Monday, 5 September 2011

... jumping in muddy puddles

I have recently been compared to Barbara from the old TV series The Good Life because I am always in the garden in my wellies. I absolutely love wearing wellies and have some fab flowery blue ones. Above are a few of my favourites I have found.

1.Pink & blue striped or spotted wellies from Joules
2. Rainbow wellies from Daisy Roots
3. Gap buckle wellies from Sharp lily
4. Joules welly print Nutwood from Next Day Wellingtons
5. Image found at British Wellies
6. Grey floral print wellies from wellieboots
7. Psychedelic swirl patterned wellies from here
8.Fuchsia Pink Hunter Wellies from here
9. Ness wellies from The Natural Shoe Store

Saturday, 3 September 2011

... lock up your love

We found these padlocks in Florence, Italy. There were hundreds locked to railings along the river. We never knew what they were for until I saw this article on Mail Online. Apparently lovers sign their names on the padlock, lock it to railings/posts/etc then throw the key into a river. We even found a lonely padlock at the top of the Duomo!
Images by me

... flutter those eyelashes

Check these eye lashes out! Found at Culture Label